Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia Anderstorp 12.8.2017

Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia Anderstorp 12.8.2017

Sports Cup Scandinavia race season is nearing the final race. Anderstorp race is the highlight of the season for many drivers at Sports Cup Scandinavia. Most of the Finns arrived at the track on Friday. Most of the racers during the day were Danish. They had brought, among others, almost brand new 918 Spyder. By the looks of tyres and brakes, one could say the car had been driven, though. We saw the car move only on electric power. The car seemed “basic” 918, and not the Weissach model. Would have been nice to have seen the car use the combustion engine, and not just the sound of electric motor. The car was driven away on car transporter.

This time at Anderstorp Norwegians came to congratulate us, as we “won” them in the number of participants 6 to 4. However, the long straights do not favour the standard 944 2.5 cars that are popular among Norwegians. However, Wiencke’s 997 RSR that has dominated races during recent years, is not going to make comeback because it has been acquired for Norwegian collector’s collection. Genuine Le Mans racer was too valuable to be raced anymore. Sort of pity as the car was a wonderful sight at race tracks. Wiencke races nowadays with ex-Oscar Palm Carrera Cup winner car, which has been seen in Finland also. The colour scheme is beautiful, but the car is missing something compared to the RSR.

Also, another awesome Norwegian’s car was was 993 GT2, but again the true speed was not shown. The car was being repaired for a long time in the pits. It seemed there was and oil leak near the turbos, apparently the turbos had been replaced prior to race. Anderstorp was a tough race track again. Faults that ended in DNF were rear wheel bearing, drive shaft, radiator, gearbox, engine, and oil leaks. It seemed there was no common factor between the failures.

Again, this time we learned a valuable lesson about track safety; at Scandinavia series refueling the cars with the race suit on is forbidden. The idea is that if fuel is spilled on race suit, if an accident occurs, the absorbed fuel could ignite. A very good safety aspect again.

Please find a short race2 clip by DG below;

The Finns had only 2 (of 6) cars running at this point. But to be fair, other Scandinavians were unlucky too. Ratakettu’s podium was an excellent achievement among very competent drivers and cars. Braid wheel was used as an impromptu podium.

Other notable events;
– Mika Häkkinen is still Swedes hero, there was a cardboard Loctite Mika standing at the pit building, which seemed to attract attention among drivers
– Porsche Center Väst catered excellent food and worked out a treat.
– The end of the racing season is in the air, many cars are for sale

In all, very professionally arranged happening, beautiful track. Please find a few pictures attached.