Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia Gelleråsen 8.7.2017

So called Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia “Sommar Race” was held during the weekend at Sweden’s Gelleråsen. Five Finns entered the race. Because this was the “Sommar Race”, it was spread out for 2 days. We had to pack rain gear as the weather forecast for the whole weekend was rainy. However, Friday’s free practise sessions were driven in beautiful sunshine. The track layout for this year’s race had been altered; the bend leading to main straight had been shortened, but also made tighter, so despite slightly shorter track, lap times went slightly up. The whole track had been laid with fresh tarmac.

The weather forecast for the weekend materialised on Saturday, the whole day was more or less rainy. However, qualifying and both races were driven in a slight drizzle, with no standing water. Grid at the newly resurfaced track was surprisingly good. Finns won our fellow Norwegian competitors again in the number of cars entered, which seems to become a bit of a habit because Scandinavia series has gained yet more Finns. Puska’s ex 944 made again comeback in the hands of 2016 debutant. The 944 started to gain more speed gradually, and the debuntant could race well against similar 944s.

Accomodation was this time a fully booked small hotel, which was half of Finns. Very pleasant trip and arrangements were excellent. Please find a few pictures from clowdy Gelleråsen.